Useful Matlab toolboxes for computer vision/image processing

GUI-Timestack - A GUI application to process timestack images for wave run up measurements on the coastal zone.

SVMT - A Matlab-based stereo-vision motion tracking system developed for the detection of human motor reactivity elicited by sensory stimulation, but can be applied for any motion tracking problem.

Camera Calibration Toolbox - Bouguet's very good Camera Calibration Matlab Toolbox.

Mat-PIV - One of the available PIV toolboxes for MATLAB.

Other Coastal Video Monitoring systems

Argus - The Argus Coastal Imaging website at Deltares.

CoastalCOMS - The CoastalCOMS system from Australia.

SIRENA - The SIRENA system from IMEDEA, Spain.

WRL site - The Water Research Laboratory (WRL) Coastal Imaging website from the University of New South Wales.

CAM-Era - The CAM-Era Coastal Imaging website from NIWA.

ICM - CSIC - The system operating in Barcelona Spain as part of part of the Institute of Marine Sciences, ICM - CSIC, in Barcelona, Spain.

Planet Argus - The commercial Argus system page from Video Metric Systems.

Erdman Video Systems - Another commercial solution.

- Please contact me if I miss any.